At we have built 1000’s of custom gaming computers.  Now we are starting to see requests for other custom builds.  One of the most popular requests that we were seeing was for a stream capture computer.  [What is does a Capture PC Do?  It allows you to you to record high quality video and sound from a separate PC, Console, or other device that emits sound and video.  Whether you plan to stream on Twitch or record content for YouTube, a capture PC is one of the best way to produce high quality video content.]  Never the less we decided to take on the special project to build an awesome stream capture PC.  Our goal was to build a capture PC that was cheap, small, and quiet.  We also wanted the capture PC to be stable and compatible with most mainstream gaming devices.  Let us show you our stream capture PC!

We ended up deciding to use a Precision T1700 Small Form Factor Workstation as our stream capture PC.  The Precision T1700 SFF Workstation checks all of the boxes when it comes to price, size, performance, and noise level.  Not to mention that it only weighs around 12lbs depending on the components that you have installed.

Width 3.65 Inches
Height 11.42 Inches
Depth 12.28 Inches

The specs on the Precision T1700 SFF do not need to be spectacular.  As long as it has a Quad Core Processor, 8GB of Memory, and a Solid State Drive you should be in good shape.  You will also need to add a Capture Card to the system.  We chose to use the El Gato HD60 Pro because they are relatively cheap and easy to install.  When you purchase the El Gato HD60 Pro new, it will come with a low profile and regular profile PCI bracket.  We utilized the low profile bracket when installing the card in to the Precision T1700 Small Form Factor Workstation.  The El Gato HD60 Pro allows you to stream or record any device that has an HDMI Port.

Precision T1700 Small Form Factor Workstation

Intel i5-4570 3.20Ghz 6MB 5GTs

8GB PC12800U (2 x 4GB)


Integrated Intel HD Graphics

**El Gato HD60 Pro PCIe Capture Card (Order Here)**

255W Power Supply


10 Pro 64Bit

You can easily pick up the Precision T1700 Small Form Factor Workstation online for around $300 and the Capture Cards can range between $150 and $175.

Now it’s up to you to figure out which broadcasting software that you would like to use for your recordings/streams.  We absolutely love using OBS Studio.  OBS Studio is a free and high quality broadcasting software.  You can also use OBS Streamlabs if you plan to stream on a platform like Twitch.  OBS Streamlabs has combined the OBS and the Streamlabs Notification Tools all in one place.

Watch our Precision T1700 Capture PC Video!

Other Peripherals:

El Gato HD60 Pro 60 FPS PCIe Card

El Gato Stream Deck

Yeti Mic

Yeti Mic Mount

Fotodiox Green Screen Kit