Are you looking to put together a streaming or recording kit to capture your IRL golf rounds?  This kit works really well for golfers that are trying to capture their mechanics to watch later and help improve their golf game.  It also works well for capturing funny moments with your buddies!  If you have the proper LTE speeds and available bandwidth/Data, you can share your golf round with the whole world on a platform like Twitch or YouTube!

**You will need a smart phone that supports LTE or better before you purchase the components for this kit**

The Tripod:

This tripod is adjustable and snuggly holds almost all smart phones.  The legs are also capable of wrapping around fixed structures which work great for golf carts!

The best part about his tripod is that you can get it on amazon for under $15!

UBeesize Portable Tripod (Order Here)

The Battery:

It can take 3-6 hours to golf 18 holes depending on the congestion of the golf course.  Most smart phones would not have enough battery to stream all 18 holes without having to be recharged.

This 5000mAh battery is capable of recharging your phone twice before it needs to be recharged.

We also chose this battery because it is shaped like a tube and can be easily attached with Velcro to the leg of the tripod.

You can order this battery on Amazon for under $20!

Anker PowerCore 5000mAH Ultra Compact Battery Charger (Order Here)

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