At GreenPCGamers.com we have always been motivated to find the best gaming solutions at the best possible price.  Sometimes that means thinking outside of the box and using unconventional techniques to achieve our goals.  After spending thousands of dollars every few years using consumer grade computer products we were looking for something better.  We wanted to achieve high end gaming at a fraction of the price of buying a $5000 computer that looks like a space ship.  We have achieved our goals, and would love to share our secrets with you.  GreenPCGamers.com does not sell products, we simply provide you with the tools and information to build your own.

What We Do

We have learned to convert Refurbished Dell, HP, and IBM workstations in to high end gaming units.  These workstations are unique because they support server grade technology that is generally more reliable and more robust then consumer grade computer products.  Most of the workstations also come stock with dual socket cpu system boards as well as high wattage power supplies.  This allows you to install multiple high clock speed processors as well as install high end GPU’s for amazing gaming performance.

The best part about these workstations is that they can be built to meet your specific budget.  Whether you have a budget of $500 or $5000, we’ll provide you with options to get the maximum performance and FPS for your specific games.  We are able to share this information with you by posting blogs, videos, and live streams (Twitch.tv) on our website.  You can subscribe to our page for updates on new content.

Do you have a specific model workstation that you would like more info on converting in to a gaming system?  Click the “Suggest a Topic” link on the top of our page and we’ll accommodate your request as soon as we can.  GreenPCGamers.com will also take review requests on other gaming peripherals.